Choosing your Kids Birthday Party Theme


How to Choose Your Child’s Birthday Invitation

If you have decided to host a birthday party but don’t know where to begin, start with a birthday party theme.  The best idea for a party theme comes from your child’s favourite character, toy or activity.  Does he love Toy Story? Is her nickname “Bunny”? Is there Lego, princess dolls or construction trucks sprinkled across your lounge room floor?  Is the birthday a special milestone such as a first birthday party?  Choose a theme that your child will love and then base your party invitations and decorations around your theme.

This is a great area where you can get your child involved.  Your child can pick the theme, as he or she will likely have thoughts about what party he or she wants, or you can make it a surprise!  If your child is too young to consult, choose a theme you love and that will look great in photographs.

Here are some popular theme ideas to help you get started:-

  • Princess party
  • Superhero party
  • Rainbow party
  • Construction party
  • Circus party
  • Farm animals party
  • Minecraft party

A Custom Themed Invitation

deedubimages22Once you have selected your theme, it will be easier to select your birthday invitation.  Gone are the days of hunting for invitations at the shops, searching from store to store for the perfect invitations which will match your party theme.  Personalised digital invitations allow you to choose invitations consistent with your party theme quickly, and easily.  You can customise the invitation with your child’s name, details of the party, and their age.  You can also choose how many invitations you wish to print.

Your invitation sets the tone for the event you are throwing and is a great way to create excitement and anticipation for the birthday party.

Sending invitations by email is a quick and affordable option these days but if it is a milestone you want to remember, print out your invitation and send them by snail mail to your guests.  We recommend you send our invitations at least three weeks ahead of time.  A child’s birthday invitation can be a keepsake that you want to cherish for years to come


Planning around your Birthday Party Theme

Once you’ve chosen a theme you can start planning the party around your theme.  You can incorporate your theme in many ways:-

  • Invitation;
  • Location;
  • Birthday cake;
  • Colour and pattern of decorations including balloons and streamers;
  • Tableware including party cups, plates and serviettes;
  • Backdrop;
  • Table props and decorations;
  • Entertainment;
  • Party favours; and
  • Thank you cards.

Your party doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate.  Children have a great sense of imagination and are easily impressed so use your creativity to set the scene.  Sometimes the easiest and most effective theme is to choose a solid colour that can feature in your invitation, envelope and throughout your party decorations.  Remember to set a budget and stick to it!

Remember to keep things simple so that on the special day you can enjoy the birthday party with your guests and spend as much time as you can with your little guest of honour.

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