How to create the most amazing Superhero Party! Ever!

superhero party


This guest blog has been written by our friends over at Little Superhero Citizens who specialise in kids superhero party supplies and costumes.


Pow! Your little one has decided on a superhero party for his or her next birthday party.  If you are not quite sure where to start we’ve prepared some tips below with some of our favourite ideas to get you started…

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Money Saving Ideas for Kids Parties

money saving ideas

I believe you can still create an awesome party for your kids without breaking the bank!

After having had my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago,  I have come up with some tips I hope may help you in planning a party for your little darlings.  Some of these I should have followed more closely myself (well there’s always next year!).

Read on for 6 really easy money saving ideas for awesome kids parties (they may also save you time!)

Tip #1   Start Planning Early!

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A Guide to Kids Birthday Party Invitations

birthday party invitations

There are a few key items which should be included in an invitation to make sure that your guests know everything they need to know so they can attend your party event.  Your birthday party invitations should contain the following information:-

  • Who – Who is the party for.
  • What – The type of party celebration.
  • When – The date and time of the party.
  • Where – The location of the venue for the party.

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Choosing your Kids Birthday Party Theme


How to Choose Your Child’s Birthday Invitation

If you have decided to host a birthday party but don’t know where to begin, start with a birthday party theme.  The best idea for a party theme comes from your child’s favourite character, toy or activity.  Does he love Toy Story? Is her nickname “Bunny”? Is there Lego, princess dolls or construction trucks sprinkled across your lounge room floor?  Continue Reading →

Welcome to Confetti Party Invitations

Nail Art
Life is About Moments.  Don’t Wait for Them. Create Them.

From the time you are born, we count down the days, weeks, and years of life between each event we celebrate. Through every stage of life we celebrate those moments which give our life meaning from the birth of a child, every birthday showing our development, engagements, weddings.   Each event is an opportunity to celebrate your life with your family and friends and the humble invitation is so important to make sure that your near and dear are part of your special event.

At Confetti Party Invitations, we offer you a range of digital personalised invitations to give notice to your friends and family of your celebration.  Your invitation will set the tone for your party and build anticipation  for your guests all leading up to the special day, whether that event is a bouncing baby baptism, a happy happy birthday, or a white wedding.

We showcase invitations from handpicked designers providing a broad range of invitations in many party themes.  We have chosen these designers because each of their invitations they have created will touch the heart of each guest.  Can’t decide what kind of party you want to throw for your little one?  Use our invitations as a starting point, and build your party theme from there!

To make sending invitations as easy as possible, our designers usually offer two printing options for all our designs.  The designer will email your invitation in a  high resolution JPG or PDF file  (available in 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ sizes) prepared for print at home, or any local photo shop .  This is often an affordable option. Alternatively, you can choose for the designer to professionally print and send the  invitations to you for guaranteed quality invitations.

Best of all, the invitations are personalised with your details and the details of your party which makes them a memorable keepsake.  When a guest receives your invitation they know that you have created something unique and special, and will look forward to the special day.

We look forward to helping you with your special day.