A Guide to Kids Birthday Party Invitations

birthday party invitations

There are a few key items which should be included in an invitation to make sure that your guests know everything they need to know so they can attend your party event.  Your birthday party invitations should contain the following information:-

  • Who – Who is the party for.
  • What – The type of party celebration.
  • When – The date and time of the party.
  • Where – The location of the venue for the party.

Who and What

Your invitation is the first notice of your celebration and should match the occasion in style and theme.  It is important for guests to know that they are being invited to a birthday party and whose party they are being invited to.  This should display prominently on the invitation.  A guest shouldn’t have to guess what the invitation is for.  Remember that if you have two children in a class with the same name it might be helpful to put an initial of the surname so it is clear who the little guest of honour is.

Be sure to include an age in the invitation (e.g. Aidan’s 3rd Birthday Party) as this information will assist the guests in making a decision for an age appropriate gift.


It is helpful to parents if you give both a start and an end time so parents know what time to return to pick up children.  It also helps parents so that they can plan their meals, sleep times or routines for the children accordingly.  If the party must start or end at a precise time include the word “sharp” after the time.  Parents generally will think that it is okay to be a little late for a party – using the word “sharp” will alert the parents that they need to be on time as their is a time specific activity occurring e.g. party at the movies.


Be specific about the location of the party making it as easy to find as possible,  Give the name of the location and street address.  A contact number is also handy so that parents can call for directions.  If it is a particularly difficult location (e.g. a specific venue within parklands) you may want to consider including  a map insert with your invitation.  If you are holding your party outdoors, you should have an alternative venue planned – a “wet weather option” or an alternative date “wet weather date”.

Extra Information

  • There are several types of parties that require guests to come prepared and the invitation should indicate this.  You should be careful to include any special information that the child needs to know before they arrive – is it a costume party?  Do children need to bring something along (e.g. swimsuit, pillow and sleeping bag, old clothes)?  Let people know in advance so that they can come to the party properly prepared.
  • If the party is a surprise party where the guest of honour doesn’t know that it is happening, be sure to tell your guests that it is a surprise party! You don’t want your planning to be ruined because a guest spills the beans!


Give information on how you want your guests to reply to the invitation.  The most common form of RSVP is to provide a phone number or email address.  Give your guests a deadline that is about a week before the party which will give you time to make any additional purchases and give you an accurate head count to ensure you have sufficient food and drink on hand.

Have some fun with your invitation wording and match it with your party theme.  For instance, if you are having a circus theme party than perhaps guests can be invited to enjoy the party under the Big Top at [venue] and RSVP to the Ringmaster.  It all adds to the fun and will help build anticipation and excitement prior to the big day!

Last, but not least, remember to send the invitations so that everyone can enjoy the special day with your little guest of honour!



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