Money Saving Ideas for Kids Parties

money saving ideas

I believe you can still create an awesome party for your kids without breaking the bank!

After having had my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago,  I have come up with some tips I hope may help you in planning a party for your little darlings.  Some of these I should have followed more closely myself (well there’s always next year!).

Read on for 6 really easy money saving ideas for awesome kids parties (they may also save you time!)

Tip #1   Start Planning Early!

Start planning early – we all have good intentions of writing lists and crossing things off.  One advantage of planning ahead is being able to keep an eye out for sales on non-perishable things such as party bag fillers, lollies, popcorn, cups, serviettes etc.  You may spot a bargain when you least expect it!

Tip #2   Share the Party with a Friend

Having a combined birthday party not only shares the cost, but planning and organising can also be halved!  If your child has a friend with a birthday around the same time and if they have a similar group of friends (like they want to invite the whole class!), then this idea should work really well.  Just make sure all parents and children agree on location, times and how presents will be handled.

Tip #3   Recycle

Yep, recycle!  If you have party gear such as cups, plates and serviettes leftover from last years party in the cupboard, then consider using them to save a bit of money.  At the end of the day, the birthday boy or girl will remember how much fun they had, not the fact some of the cups and plates didn’t match.

Tip #4   Keep it Simple

popcornEspecially when it comes to food.  Kids are rarely after gourmet finger food!  As long as it’s easy for them to
handIe and bright and colourful.  I don’t think you can go wrong with these money saving favourites –

  • Fruit – cut up in cups, or placed on skewers
  • Popcorn/chips
  • The old vegemite, ham or cheese sandwiches (can be jazzed up by using a cookie cutter to create different shapes with the bread)
  • Fairy bread – old school, all time favourite
  • Chocolate crackles or honey joys – a whole packet of rice bubbles or cornflakes goes a long way…
  • Little chipolata sausages or baby frankfurts are good for little hands too.

Tip #5   Entertainment

bubble machineWhile it is great to pay hundreds of dollars and outsource your party entertainment, it certainly takes some of the stress out of the day.  But….it also adds to the expense of the day.  Here are some cheaper ideas to entertain the kids, yes they involve a bit more organising but will save you dollars in the long run.



  • Minti Hunt (or whatever treat works – it doesn’t have to be lollies, maybe little toy dinosaurs or flower erasers)
  • Pass-the-parcel – always a hit
  • Egg and Spoon races – adults can join in too!
  • Pin the tail on the donkey/fairy/super hero whatever theme you are running with.  Little Super Hero Citizens is a great site to look for super hero costumes.
  • Pinata – the chance to bash something with a stick (great for boys!)
  • A bubble machine – kids can chase bubbles around all day!
  • Donuts on a String – hang them from your clothes line, no hands and whoever eats theirs first wins!

Tip #6   Take offers of help

If your mum wants to make the birthday cake or your mother-in-law offers to make a plate of chocolate crackles and fairy bread, then let them!  Say yes please!  Any offer can save you money and time and you’ll find items come off your list a lot faster!

We’d love to help with your special day too, have a browse around our cool kids birthday invitations.

Are there any money saving ideas you can share that have worked for you?




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