How to create the most amazing Superhero Party! Ever!

superhero party


This guest blog has been written by our friends over at Little Superhero Citizens who specialise in kids superhero party supplies and costumes.


Pow! Your little one has decided on a superhero party for his or her next birthday party.  If you are not quite sure where to start we’ve prepared some tips below with some of our favourite ideas to get you started…

Planning Your Party

  • Which Superhero (or Super Villain!) will feature at your party?
  • Will it be one of the greats, like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman?
  • Or will your child be his or her own Superhero of the party?
  • What colours does he or she wear?
  • What is the story behind your Superhero? How did they gain their powers?
  • Who are their sidekicks or enemies?


When planning a Superhero party, your invitation is the first piece of information your guests are going to receive about your party.  Check out the super hero themed design at Confetti Party Invitations.

Super Tip: If your Superhero has an alter ego, you could include a disguise kit for each kid when you send out your party invites.

Superhero Foods

There are plenty of food options you could come up with for your little Superhero’s party, here are some of our favourites below…

  • Green jelly cut into cubes could be Kryptonite, or Hulk squares!
  • Popcorn served in easily made cardboard cones in the colour of your favourite Superhero, add a Superhero emblem for an added touch.
  • For a healthier snack you could go for Fruit kebabs, like green grapes on a skewer with an Aqua man flag attached or strawberries on a stick with a Superman flag.
  • Baby bell cheeses in their red wrappers could be covered in Spiderman’s webs with a black texta.
  • Hot dogs could be wonder dogs!
  • Or use a Batman shaped cutter to make Bat Sandwiches!

Superhero Party Costumessuperhero party

Our favourite! At our place we love Batman and Wonder Woman, what’s your favourite costume?

The birthday boy or girl will definitely need a sidekick (or two!) with their birthday adventures.

DIY Option: To get all your guests involved you could place a plain cape on the back of each guests chair and let each child create their own Superhero logo to attach to their cape?

Superhero Loot Bags

superhero party

No party is complete without a loot bag to take home! Send your guests home with a BANG! and a special Superhero kit for each child. From stickers and stationery, to capes and other items you made at the party, you can include all those things in your loot bags, along with some sweet treats.

  • Logo coloured lollies are always a success.
  • If you have time to bake, you could put in some homemade Superhero themed cookies for an extra special treat.
  • Depending on your chosen Superhero, you could include some extra fun items like silly string for Spiderman, popping candy kryptonite for Superman or perhaps some grey marshmallows with a pretzel attached for Thor’s hammer.
  • Don’t forget to add in an old fashioned comic book to top off the day!

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